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The complete care concept at SpinePlus relies on the dedication and commitment of Dr Licina’s experienced medical and administrative team. Each member of the team is entrusted to manage a specialised area of the practice, ensuring that each patient receives the best possible care. Our Staff includes Patient Liaisons, Medicolegal Coordinator, Communications Coordinator, Executive and Clinical Assistant, Financial Controller and Practice Manager.


Medicolegal Coordinator

Sharon joined SpinePlus in 2007. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities and worked previously as a Business and Project Manager for a UK private healthcare group. She has over fifteen years of experience within a healthcare environment. Sharon joined Dr Licina initially as an Appointments Coordinator; learning about spinal conditions and the Australian private health sector. Sharon continues to oversee this role in a supervisory capacity, training new administration staff when required.

As Dr Licina’s Medicolegal Coordinator, Sharon manages all aspects of his extremely busy medicolegal practice. This includes liaising with solicitors, managing appointments, preparation of briefs for pre-reading by Dr Licina, taking a history from the patient, arranging further investigations and ensuring that medicolegal reports are completed to the exacting standards that Dr Licina requires. This is a challenging role which involves attention to detail, organisational skills, and time management capabilities.  Sharon possesses all of these qualities and is a treasured member of our practice who finds her role very professionally satisfying.


Research Coordinator & Executive Assistant

Emma’s career in healthcare began with part-time employment for a Gold Coast Cardiologist. She was employed to improve the efficiency of the very busy patient clinics. Her tasks included facilitating patient appointments by taking histories, performing ECGs and designing and implementing practice protocols.

Emma graduated with a degree in Exercise Science which is largely focused on human anatomy and physiology. During her degree, Emma also completed volunteer work at rehabilitation clinics, assisting and educating patients who had undergone major cardiac surgery. Emma originally took on the role of Clinical Assistant to Dr Licina when she joined SpinePlus in 2012. She possessed the astuteness that this role required and it enabled her to further her knowledge in this area of medicine.

Emma has since commenced a Doctor of Medicine postgraduate degree at the University of Melbourne; to fulfil her career goal of becoming a doctor.

She continues her role as Research Coordinator and Executive Assistant to Dr Licina from Melbourne. Emma’s position is diverse and widespread. It involves designing and directing  research projects, managing Dr Licina’s calendar and the practice IT as well as assisting with business development projects.  Her ability to multi-task and achieve deadlines in all aspects of her role is admirable.


Patient Liaison

Clare joined SpinePlus in August 2014 as a casual Medical Secretary, answering phones and helping the administration team coordinate patient appointments.  She was completing a Bachelor of Arts Degree, majoring in Literature and Linguistics.  Clare’s love of the written word and its powerful ability to communicate with people across all socio-economic and cultural groups, inspired her to seek a role in the medical field where she could broaden her learning in a practical environment.

Not long after her employment, we realized how Clare’s gentle and calm exterior greatly enhanced the patient experience at SpinePlus.  Her current role involves managing the specialist clinics in the areas of rehabilitation, pain management, and musculoskeletal conditions.  Clare fulfils this role admirably.

Clare possesses a strong desire to remain in the medical field and pursue further study in Speech Pathology in the future where her studies in Linguistics will be valuable.  SpinePlus and its patients are for now very fortunate to employ such a caring, considerate and genuine person.


Financial Controller

Manuela joined SpinePlus in 2013 with 21 years of experience in the corporate sector behind her.  Graduating with a Bachelor of Business (majoring in Accountancy), Manuela worked primarily in Suncorp’s Accounting Operations Division where she maintained the fixed asset register, payroll system, and fulfilled aspects of taxation requirements for the company.  During this period of time, Manuela was involved in the design and implementation of efficiency processes in the organization.  These tasks required problem-solving skills, coordination with various departments, and negotiating in team environments to ensure the successful transition of processes; exactly the credentials ideal for our growing business.

Manuela is an integral part of Dr Licina’s vision of a multidisciplinary practice.  She is responsible for the design and management of all financial systems in the practice to maximize the efficiency of patient care by the SpinePlus professionals.  She is also entrusted with auditing and reviewing all accounting procedures.

In addition to Manuela’s core responsibilities, she consults on all aspects of the medical practice; helping to resolve issues and streamline administrative processes, aimed at enhancing the patient experience.  Her practical and methodical nature is a valuable asset to SpinePlus.


Research Assistant

Taylor has joined Dr Licina’s team in 2017 to further his clinical research in the field of spine. She will graduate this year with a Bachelor of Biomedical Science, majoring in Cell and Molecular Biology for Queensland University of Technology.

Her previous experience at the Mater Research Institute where she investigated the cause of and future prevention of chemo-resistance in endometrial cancer, and laboratory work with patients as part of early stage pharmaceutical clinical trials, highlight her suitability for this position with Dr Licina.  Taylor is excited to apply her research skills in a patient-based setting.

Taylor possesses a passion for changing the face of medicine.  She has a long-term goal of improving the lives of patients and advancing treatment options through research, public health education, and fundraising.  She also plans to continue her education by completing a Master of Public Health and eventually studying Medicine.

As part of the SpinePlus team, Taylor works closely with administrative staff and patients to facilitate efficient appointment schedules and well-run clinics.  She is an exciting addition to the SpinePlus team; bringing fresh ideas and new skills.


Business Manager

Tanya has worked with Dr Licina as his Practice Manager for 15 years. The establishment of SpinePlus has resulted in an exciting development in the human resource management field of our business; a change that Tanya has welcomed. 

With the ever-evolving nature of how Dr Licina practices medicine to care for his patients, Tanya’s role has evolved recently to entail facilitating patient service improvement programmes, and designing new administrative and management systems.

In conjunction with Virginia, Tanya ensures optimal staff performance and efficient administrative systems to provide superior patient services. With a Bachelor of Commerce degree and over 25 years of experience in the Human Resources field, Tanya also oversees staff recruitment, training, development, and counselling in the practice.      

Together with the administrative team, Tanya strives to create a productive, welcoming and nurturing environment for patients and their health providers.