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Research Coordinator & Executive Assistant

Emma’s career in healthcare began with part-time employment for a Gold Coast Cardiologist. She was employed to improve the efficiency of the very busy patient clinics. Her tasks included facilitating patient appointments by taking histories, performing ECGs and designing and implementing practice protocols.

Emma graduated with a degree in Exercise Science which is largely focused on human anatomy and physiology. During her degree, Emma also completed volunteer work at rehabilitation clinics, assisting and educating patients who had undergone major cardiac surgery. Emma originally took on the role of Clinical Assistant to Dr Licina when she joined SpinePlus in 2012. She possessed the astuteness that this role required and it enabled her to further her knowledge in this area of medicine.

Emma has since commenced a Doctor of Medicine postgraduate degree at the University of Melbourne; to fulfil her career goal of becoming a doctor.

She continues her role as Research Coordinator and Executive Assistant to Dr Licina from Melbourne. Emma’s position is diverse and widespread. It involves designing and directing  research projects, managing Dr Licina’s calendar and the practice IT as well as assisting with business development projects.  Her ability to multi-task and achieve deadlines in all aspects of her role is admirable.