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Pedro Alcobio

Massage Therapist

Pedro is a Remedial Massage Therapist, and also the founder of Health Place.

Pedro has travelled the world with his profession and has worked with Cirque Du Soleil, European soccer teams as well as the Broncos, the Wallabies, the Queensland Ballet, the Queensland Reds, and more.

Pedro combines his international experience with his professional knowledge to deliver treatments that work to achieve your health goals as fast as possible. Pedro particularly enjoys the challenge of tough cases and has a reputation for being able to make improvements where other health practitioners could not.

As part of SpinePlus, Pedro works closely with the other allied health professionals to provide coordinated care to all patients. The treatment he provides focusses on areas identified during thorough assessment. Pedro provides education and assistance which allows patients to progress through their rehabilitation.

Pedro is an experienced and knowledgeable health professional who has been involved with the SpinePlus practice externally for a number of years. His recent addition to the onsite team has proven to be extremely beneficial to both the practice and our patients.